Jun 09, 2016 · He also enjoys being around people and is open to more liberal beliefs (interracial marriage, women in positions of power, etc.) than most Fei are. Keli = Gemini (June 2). The Council’s chief spy has a Gemini’s “split” personality. When he’s on assignment, his cleverness, adaptability, and sense of adventure come in handy.. Mar 28, 2017 · Stacy October 31st, 2019 . Finally. It all makes sense. Every empath test I took I scored almost 100 on every one. I have been different my whole life – hearing the words before they are spoken, bad energy in a room, going off by myself to recharge from two years old, people telling me I’m too sensitive, getting easily hurt, other people’s pets sitting at my feet- it’s exhausting.. "/>Gemini man quiet around me